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But day by day you meet a lot of gourgeous women and not one of them seem to be a proper one for even a single date, with out even thinking about family. Modern western ladies have gone changed themselves radically, that for men it is hard to accept her, with all her career, friends, liberties and her own interests in which there is no place for family. The modern women's independence took From men the opportunity to take care of the women part of the world and complicated the stuff with family and relationships even more. But are all beautiful women like that? All of them had lost interest in national values, but of course no, there are rare exceptions and gourgeous women from across the border that are by mood and looks as traditional as our grandmothers used to be. Russian beautiful women are the most great in the world, they are kind and always smiling, with magnifying shining in the eyes. Men who married Ucrainian gorgeous women were deeply surprised by their power to multitask between taking care of the family with keeping an eye for the good looks. Gorgeous women from Russia have good education and high moral values, which they try to keep for the rest of their lives. It is said that they are to be the best decision for a wounderful family.
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